Scout & Cellar Wine

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Our Clean-Crafted wine is sourced from small farms across the world and holds a much higher quality standard; resulting in fewer grapes being used and fewer bottles of wine produced per acre of vineyard. Compared to commercially produced wines which can produce 4,300 to 7,000 bottle per acre, Clean-Crafted wine yield approximately 720 to 1,400 bottles per acre.

The grapes for our Clean-Crafted wine are grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. During harvesting season, the grapes are handpicked at night to protect the grapes from exposure sun and bacteria growth. Before production at our Texas winery begins, the grapes are sorted carefully again, to reduce the risk of bacteria and spoilage. The strictest hygienic conditions are upheld throughout the entire production process. The best part is that the wines are created without any added chemicals, preservatives, or sugars!

Come experience this healthier version of indulgence for yourself! Scout & Cellar can also help you appreciate your family, friends, clients, employees and partnerships - sent right to their door in beautiful packaging. Having a party or event? We're going to help you make a great impression!