Practicing Yogini

I started consistently practicing yoga in the fall of 2019. I went to Bodyworks in Peterborough 3 to 4 days a week. There were 3 friendly, passionate, inspired teachers that worked together to provide a variety of classes and class times that made it so easy to become a regular student! At the time I was overweight, in pain and very inflexible. I went for 3 or 4 months before Covid-19 started, long enough to realize how important yoga was to keep in my daily life, I was addicted to moving deeper into my practice.

All through 2020 I methodically worked through every program Zoe at Yoga Burn online offered. I got fit and felt great! But I was missing flexibility and so I discovered Lucas and his Gravity Yoga course. What's great about both of these is the ability to do sessions in only 15 minutes, which means it's very easy to incorporate these into daily life once or twice a day. I'm able to move and flex my body in ways I've never been able to attain before!

When the epidemic began to subside in NH, my boyfriend and I started exploring yoga studios in the new area we lived in. We did hot power yoga in a couple places because we enjoyed being warm through the cold winter months. Where I settled down to a regular routine was Yoga Balance in Manchester for 3 or 4 months. They offer more than just a workout... They lead you into the spiritual side of things too.

But as life always does, things got busy and I didn't have the time to go to classes regularly. After a few weeks I was desperately missing my yoga practice and truly wanted to learn more about it. I found an online, self-paced 500 hour yoga teacher training from Yoga Renew! That also inspired me to carve out time to go back to classes.

This brings us right to this moment, where the pen hits the paper. I want this journal to track my journey through discovering everything yoga has to offer! Inspiration to write again! Even though my practice on the mat started 2 years ago, the journey with spiritual growth is truly beginning now.